Generac EV Charger, Level 2, 48A Plus PUP2-U-1-6-C-GC2



 Generac EV Charger, Level 2, 48A Plus

Part# PUP2-U-1-6-C-GC2

Supercharge your EV lifestyle with the Generac 48A EV Charger. Experience ultra-fast Level 2 charging, so you are always ready for the next adventure. 

Generac EV Charger, Level 2, 48A Plus

Elevate your EV charging with the Generac 48A EV Charger. This ultra-powerful Level 2 charger delivers the fastest, most reliable charging available, compatible with all EV brands and models*.

Designed for those who demand peak performance, it features advanced energy management options to keep your vehicle fully charged in record time. With its robust NEMA 4 enclosure and user-friendly app, every aspect is built for superior convenience and durability.

Upgrade to the Generac 48A EV Charger and enjoy the ultimate in EV charging speed and efficiency.


Product Features:

  • 48A Max Charge Current: Supercharge your EV with fast, reliable charging. 

  • 25’ Cord with SAE J1772 Connector: Enjoy flexibility and ease of use. 

  • Rugged NEMA 4 Enclosure: Built to withstand tough conditions. 

  • Intuitive App: Effortlessly set up, monitor, and schedule your charging. 

  • Cord Management Holster: Keep your space tidy and organized. 

  • Power Boost: Increase your charging speed when you need it most, ensuring your EV is ready to go in less time. 

  • Power Sharing: Efficiently distribute power between multiple devices or vehicles, optimizing your home’s energy usage. 

  • Eco-Smart: Make the most of your home’s renewable energy sources, reducing your carbon footprint and saving on energy costs. 

Height 7.9"
Weight 22 lbs.
Width 7.8"
Machine Warranty 3-year warranty
Max Charge Power 11.5KW
Cord Length 25'
Operating Voltage 240V AC
Max Charge Current 48A
Max Operating Temperature -22° F to 122° F

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