Kohler GM57969 - Carburetor Heater Kit for 17-20 kW Models 120 VAC 37 Watt



Kohler Carburetor Heater Kit for 17-20 kW Models 120 VAC 37 Watt


If you live where temperatures routinely dip below freezing, a carburetor heater helps keep cold weather conditions from disrupting generator operation.

  • Protect in cold-weather conditions


  • Designed to keep moisture from the incoming fuel line from freezing in the engine.

  • Heater has built-in thermostat that automatically turns heater on and off when needed.

  • Recommended for improved cold starting in locations where temperatures fall below 0°C (32°F).

  • Carburetor heaters are offered on 6-20 kW air-cooled units.

  • 120V or 240V available

Carburetor heater kits are recommended for improved cold starting in locations where the temperatures falls below 0_C
(32_F). Carburetor heaters prevent condensation and carburetor icing. The heater turns on when the temperature at the
thermostat falls below approximately 4_C (40_F) and turns off when the temperature rises above approximately 16_C

The carburetor heater for 17--20 kW models fits into a threaded opening on the carburetor, below the engine air cleaner.
Carburetor heater kits are available in 120 volt or 240 volt versions.

Note: The heater requires a continuous source of AC power. The generator set must be connected to an AC power
source that is backed up by the generator set.

Replaced By New Part# GM57969-S

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