Kohler Fuel Regulator Heater Kit 120V for 20kW GM79141-KP1-QS



Kohler Fuel Regulator Heater Kit 120V for 20kW GM79141


Just like in your car, the fuel regulator regulates the flow of engine fuel for consistent pressure. The kit ensures that the engine in your KOHLER® generator runs smoothly, even in sub-zero weather.

  • Reliable engine starts in sub-zero temps


  • Kit consists of round heating pad with snap-action thermostat and power cord.

  • Pad mounts directly on fuel regulator.

  • Recommended for reliable engine starting in temperatures from -18° to -29°C (0° to -20°F).

  • 120V or 240V available

Regulator heater kit GM79141--KP1 is designed for Kohler 20 kW residential/light commercial generator sets. The
regulator heater kit is recommended for reliable engine starting in temperatures from --18C to --29C (0F to --20F).
The regulator heater is a 127 mm (5 in.) diameter round heating pad with a snap action thermostat and a power cord. The
heating pad mounts directly on the fuel regulator, which is located on the air intake side of the generator set.
The regulator heater requires a source of 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz power. The circuit should be ground fault protected. The
generator set is equipped with 120 VAC receptacles for this and other AC-powered generator set accessories. The kit
includes an adapter plug for connecting multiple accessories.

Round Heating Pad w/ Snap action thermostat
Adapter Plug
Mouting accessories

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