Generac APKE00011 SnapRS - Inline Disconnect Switch



Generac APKE00011 SnapRS - Inline Disconnect Switch

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An in-line shutdown device that achieves module level shutdown without putting an optimizer or microinverter on every module. It has a series of transistors that allows a signal from the PV Link to shut down voltage between the PV modules. It operates exclusively with PV link and can snap in between PV modules. SnapRS is also made with Staubli connectors which complies to industry standards. The Generac SnapRS is NEC 2017 compliant, and doesn’t require any extra hardware to mount, no pairing and no fussy digital communications. Just snap a Generac SnapRS disconnect device to each PV module for total rapidshutdown performance. When signaled by the inverter, SnapRS units break the PV circuit, reducing array voltage to <80V in seconds.

NEC-2017 Compliant

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