Generac 5616 2.4L Extreme Cold Weather Kit



Generac 5616 2.4L Extreme Cold Weather Kit for 2.4L Engine

The Extreme Cold Weather Kits include the appropriate block heater, step by step installation instructions and all necessary mounting hardware for an extra degree of extreme weather protection.

• This kit is to be used in conjunction with the appropriate Cold Weather Kit that contains the necessary battery warmer assembly. If not done already, the oil must be replaced with the appropriate synthetic oil.

Battery Warmer "5630" (Sold Separately)ECWK 5616

Designed for these models 22-36 kW (1800 rpm) & 45 kW (2.4L)

Everything You Need For An Extra Degree of Extreme Protection
Engine block heater
All necessary mounting hardware

*Requires a 15A GFCI protected Circuit

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