Generac 7170 Mobile Link Wi-Fi/Ethernet Accessory



Generac 7170 Mobile Link Wi-Fi/Ethernet Accessory


Introducing Mobile Link™ Wi-Fi / Ethernet, the next generation Wi-Fi and Ethernet accessory.  The Mobile Link™ Wi-Fi / Ethernet accessory easily connects to a home network wirelessly through an available Wi-Fi network or directly through a wired Ethernet connection.  This local network delivers fast download speeds automatic system upgrades and delivery of generator condition notifications.  This device pairs with our Mobile Link™ monitoring service, providing frontline access to critical information about your generator status 24/7 for enhanced peace of mind.

*Mobile Link™ device installation and enrollment required for app functionality.

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Once you're connected to the Mobile Link™ service, you can monitor the status of your generator wirelessly, through the Mobile Link™ mobile app or at Standard plans start at just $4.99/month.

  •  Receive real-time status updates
  •  View upcoming maintenance needs
  •  Remotely access your generator's health and set exercise schedule
  •  Review run and maintenance history
  •  Get local weather updates
  •  Change messaging settings
  •  Connect your account to your authorized service dealer to allow them to view your maintenance schedule and alerts.


Connect Your Generator in just Three Quick Steps


The Wi-Fi / Ethernet Accessory is the perfect device for homeowners who have no access to Wi-Fi service, have unreliable internet service from their Internet Service Provider, or who prefer the reliability of a cellular connection. It can be installed on most Generac, Honeywell, Eaton or Siemens air-cooled or liquid-cooled home standby generator up to 150kW, 2010 or newer.
(PowerPact and Pre-Nexus Models not supported)

Once you’re connected to the Mobile Link™ service, you can increase your generator’s reliability even further by signing up for a dealer-managed plan. When you sign up for a dealer-managed plan, your service dealer will have access to real-time notifications whenever maintenance is required or a problem occurs. With a dealer-managed plan, your generator is always ready to go, without you needing to lift a finger.


1. Talk to your service dealer about setting up a dealer-managed plan.
2. Once you have agreed to a plan through your dealer, you will receive a confirmation request email from Mobile Link™.
3. Log in to your Mobile Link™ account with the credentials provided in the confirmation email. Be sure to change your password once you’ve gained access.
4. Congratulations! Your dealer-managed plan has been set up. Your generator is now being monitored by your service dealer and they will instantly know if a problem occurs.

<div id="subscriptions">Get <strong>24/7 Peace-of-mind</strong></div>
EMail or Text

Get over 40 different notifications including successful exercise, maintenance reminders, change in status, low battery, fault alert and more:

  • Get specific, accurate data on the status of your generator
  • Select which notifications you wish to receive and when
  • Designate up to 4 different accounts to receive email and text notifications
  • Opt to send maintenance alerts to your dealer so they can provide professional support

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