Generac 7169 -Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE Accessory



Generac 7169 -Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE Accessory


Generac Mobile Link

The Generac Mobile Link 7169 Cellular Remote Monitoring Accessory attaches to your Generac standby generator and connects it with the Mobile Link Monitoring service through the 4G LTE cellular** network. Cellular service is usually available even when the power is out and is considered more reliable than landline telephone or internet after a disaster. Faster download speeds allow automatic generator system upgrades and faster alerts from the generator to your cell phone app or desktop browser.

The accessory connects through Generac’s partner Verizon for the Mobile Link Generac Monitoring Service. The Mobile Link App works on Android or Apple or connect from any internet connected computer through With a dealer managed plan, connect to your service dealer and let them handle the maintenance and service requirements.

Mobile Link for Generators

The Generac Mobile Link app installs on your mobile device and gives you 24/7 access to your generator controller and local weather conditions. No matter where you are, even when the power is out and your home internet connection is down, Mobile Link for Generators lets you know that the generator is up and running and keeping your home and family safe through the outage.

Cellular service has a reputation for reliability, even during extreme weather and following a disaster such as a hurricane. Landline internet and telephone may go down, but the cellular networks keep functioning. Verizon, Generac’s Partner for Mobile Link, offers broad service coverage and connectivity.

Receive real-time status updates, review maintenance logs, and schedule maintenance. A glance at your phone tells you the power is out in the middle of an ice storm—but your generator is up and running and keeping the house warm and your family safe. Even if you can’t make it home. The Generac’s smart controller keeps track of problems and issues so you can act if necessary—or set it up to let your dealer handle any problems or schedule maintenance. Mobile Link keeps you connected and informed.

Mobile Link 7169

Generac Mobile Link 7169 is an upgrade to the Wi Fi included with new Generac Generators. It requires a subscription to the Mobile Link service. Access is through the Generac Mobile Link App or using any internet connected browser.

For 70kW - 150kW also order Extension Cable 6478, sold separately.

The Generac Mobile Link service subscription costs 69.99 Annually. Sign up at

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