Generac Generator Transport Cart Part# 5685



Generac Generator Transport Cart Part# 5685

Lead Time is 1-4 Weeks and ships direct from factory


Product Overview

The Generator Transport Cart is designed to easily move and position any of the air-cooled generators without the need for additional people or equipment. Large wheels and a wide handle take the strain off transportation. By attaching the cart to the generator, the generator is lifted from the pallet by leverage and is easily wheeled to the appropriate location for final setting. The cart is compatible with any air cooled Generic model.

  • Designed to allow a single person to move and position an air-cooled generator
  • Large tires and wide handle remove the hassle of moving the generator to the install location
  • Generator attaches to cart via lifting holes for security during transport
  • Cart is compatible with any air cooled Generac model

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