Generac Cold Weather A/C HSB KIT w/ Full Synthetic oil 12Pack Part# 0J5800PK12



Generac 0J5800PK12 - PACK OF 12 OF 0J580000CW KIT Generac Cold Weather Kit For 8-20Kw HSB Generators 0J580000CW Kit for 8-20kw HSB Generac Generators

Part #: 0J5800PK12

When the temperature dips below freezing, the cold weather kit keeps your Generac generator ready for operation. This kit includes:12 Generac kits Part# 0J580000CW Each kit comes with CWK OEM replacement oil 2 quarts Generac 5W-30 synthetic Generac OEM oil filter Automatic Thermostatically Controlled Pad Warmer •Maintains optimum battery temperature •Automatically starts when temp falls below acceptable levelel Crankcase Heater (New Slip-On Design) •Maintains crankcase oil temperature for easy starting •Automatically starts when temp falls below acceptable level Picture may not reflect actual shape and size of kit items. This cold weather kit is intended for use with 8kW - 20kW series Generac, Guardian, Centurion, Watchdog, Honeywell, Siemens, & Eaton residential automatic home-standby generator. This kit is recommended for generators installed in regions where the temperature regularly falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature falls below an acceptable level, the thermostat activates the crankcase oil heater and battery warmer in order to maintain optimum battery temperature. When installing a cold weather kit, it is required that the oil and filter are replaced with the provided Generac 5W-30 synthetic and Generac OEM oil filter for better engine start capability. Picture above may not reflect actual shape and size of kit items. Pad Wattage/Amps = 50 Watts/0.21 Amps Crankcase Wattage/Amps = 40 Watts/0.17 Amps

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