Generac Power Systems - RTSY200A3 - Transfer Switch, 200 Max Amps, 240 volt



This product is discontinued

Replaced by RXSW200A3

Generac Power Systems - RTSY200A3 - Transfer Switch, 200 Max Amps, 240 volt

The Generac Smart Switch is the smartest transfer switch on the market. Engineered with Generac’s patented Digital Power Management (DPM) technology, it allows for more coverage with a smaller generator through smart load management. This advanced power management technology is standard, unlike competitive models that require additional hardware and investment to add a power management option.

Features & Benifits

The Generac Smart Switch has the ability to manage two air conditioners without adding additional components or cost. Gain even more flexibility by adding up to four individual PMM Modules/Starter Kit for added load management.

    • Intelligently manage two HVAC loads with no additional hardware, manages up to four additional loads when used with Generac's PMM modules (PMM starter kit required)

    • Depending on the size of the generator in the system, this switch can cover every circuit all the time for whole house coverage or provide managed whole house coverage when paired with a smaller generator.

    • 100 - 400 Amp non-service rated, 1Ø, NEMA 3R enclosure

    • 100 - 400 Amp service rated, 1Ø, NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure

How it Works

1. By monitoring generator engine performance, the Generac Smart Switch is able to identify when the generator approaches overload. At the appropriate time, the switch disconnects the highest electrical load(s) in the house, typically an air conditioner(s).

2. After a 5-minute delay to allow for compressor bleed out, the switch brings the AC units back online one after the other with a 15-second delay in between. This is a standard capability in all Generac Smart Switches and does not require any additional components, unlike competitive transfer switches.


3. In addition, up to four other large 240V loads can be managed when the Generac Smart Switch is used in conjunction with individual PMM modules and required PMM starter kit.


    • DLM modules are 50 Amps each and are housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure, giving the installer the option to install them either at the electrical panel or anywhere in-line indoors or outdoors between the electrical panel and the appliance.

    • After the four loads are shed, they are brought back individually to assure DLM Module generator capability and eliminate the potential of overload.

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