UltraLight-XA Multi-Function Flashlight (Aluminum)


The UltraLight XA is a truly Multi-Function Flashlight. It’s an all-Aluminum ruggedly built LED Flashlight that can also be used as a Bluetooth Audio Speaker, Hands Free Audio Device, and a Power Bank to charge your USB Devices when they run low on power. The UltraLight XA is extremely WATER RESISTANT and can fall into water and not be damaged. (Not intended for Diving use.)


  1. Aluminum Flashlight

  2. Audio/Music Player

  3. Hands-Free Calls

  4. USB Device Charger

Ultralight-XA Multi-Function Flashlight


  • Play or Pause Audio

  • Next or Previous Track

  • Raise or Lower Volume

  • Answer Incoming Call

  • End Call and Redial

ULXA Flashlight, Aluminum, USB Charging

The UltraLight XA has a built-in Lithium-Ion battery that is easily recharged from any USB Port. The USB Cable is included, to recharge the UL-XA itself, or to charge and power your USB devices. The Kit also includes a Bicycle Handlebar Mount for lighting your ride and safely listening to music ears-free. The UltraLight is functional, durable, simple and fun!



The UltraLight can be used as a LED Flashlight to light your way while hiking, walking or looking for your gear in dark places. It’s also the perfect light to carry in your car, as it can easily be charged from a USB Port or Cigarette Lighter adapter, or even your MICRO-START. The All-Aluminum UL-XA is ruggedly built for tough terrain and rough environments. It is also Extremely Water Resistant and can fall into water and not be damaged (not intended for diving use).


The UltraLight can operate as a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker playing your favorite music, audio books, podcasts and more from your Bluetooth devices such as Phones, Tablets, iReaders, Computers and more. Additionally you can use the UltraLight XA to control your Bluetooth Device and Play or Pause your audio, Raise or Lower the Volume, or Skip to Next or Previous Song… all without touching your device; just press the buttons on the UltraLight XA. Perfect for kicking back and listening to your tunes around the fire, in the tent or at your desk in your office.


The UltraLight can be used as a Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker Phone! Just pair your Bluetooth Phone and when a call comes in you can take it through the UL-XA. You can answer the Phone, End the Call and Re-Dial the last number you called just by pressing the buttons on the UltraLight. It even comes with a Mount to clip it on your Bicycle Handlebar so you can light your ride, safely listen to music ears-free, and choose to take any incoming calls without touching your phone.


The UltraLight can also act as a Power Bank Charger to give some extra charge to your Phone, Tablet, GoPro Camera and any other USB devices. It has a 2600 mAh lithium battery which can be used to give you that extra bit of charge for your devices when you are running low on power.

So when you need an all-in-one device to take on your Adventures, the UltraLight XA is the JACK-KNIFE of Flashlights! It’s the perfect companion to carry in your vehicle and use for hiking, camping, boating, traveling and much more. Don’t leave home without one!


  • 1 UltraLight XA – All Aluminum Multi-Function LED Flashlight/Bluetooth Audio Speaker

  • 1 Bicycle Mount

  • 1 USB Cable (For charging the UltraLight XA, or use to charge your devices with the UltraLight XA)

  • 1 Instruction Manual

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